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The JRTCA proudly presents the eighth volume of the JRTCA Stud Book. The first seven volumes of the Stud Book were published in 1987, 1991, 1994, 1996, 2000, 2003, and 2012 respectively. The quality of the terriers included in these stud books clearly illustrates the progress that breeders have made since 1987. 

In this country terriers are primarily worked to groundhog. For this purpose, a terrier is needed that has suitable flexibility, and is tenacious enough to enter quickly and dig to this most elusive quarry. However, in the pursuit of a perfect terrier, one must not forget the importance of correct conformation. Whether hunting groundhog, raccoon, or fox, our American terriers must have sufficient bone, proper angulation, be well-balanced, structurally sound, and above all, have the necessary intelligence and keen scenting and hunting instincts to do its job.

The stud dogs listed in this directory have met the requirements of the JRTCA registration system. The JRTCA club office has made every attempt to check all information provided for accuracy, but assumes no responsibility for the actions or claims made by individual breeders regarding the stud dogs listed herein. It is strongly recommended that all stud dogs be BAER tested and normal (hearing), and have a current normal CERF testing (eyes) annually, and a negative brucellosis test prior to breeding.

Please also review the information on stud dog management, a whelping calendar, and sample stud contracts.

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