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West Elk

Gunnison, Colorado Brooksville, Florida

For nineteen years we have been owned by Jack Russells. We enjoy the thrill of racing, the spirit of GTG, have pride in the quality of puppies we produce, and treasure the friends we make. Our terriers are proven workers, we value the natural instinct that is the greatest asset of Jack Russells. Our terriers are family and travel with us throughout the country as ambassadors of the breed. Litters are limited - loving pet homes are welcome.

Introducing Meynell-sundance diesel, 12", tricolor, broken
Imported from Great Britain, outcrossing to finest traditional Jack Russell bloodlines.

The Boys ~ Producing Correct and Healthy Puppies:
PEAKVIEW BARKER, 12", Tricolor, Smooth. NHC to Opossum and Groundhog.

JUST JACK, 12", Tricolor, Smooth. 4th generation West Elk breeding.

The Girls ~ Excellent Mothers, Passing on Character and Personality:
JACKSway camie, 12", Tan/White, Smooth
Old lines and sweet nature.

West Elk kit, 12", Tricolor, Broken
A beautiful outcross, bright and strong.

WEST ELK BLONDIE, 12", Tan/White
Multi-champion Conformation, GTG and Super Earth

high range oh susannah, 13", Tricolor, Broken
Daughter of National Conformation Champions.

WEST ELK VIRGINIA, 11", Tan/White, Smooth
National GTG Champion

WEST ELK SPECK, 12", Tan/White, Broken
Fifth generation of our bloodlines

Don & Sue Anne Wilson
PO Box 1516 Gunnison, CO 81230
High Corner Road  Brooksville, FL 34602
(602) 448-7046 Email:

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