Code of Ethics
Run Away Farm

Matthews, North Carolina

Run Away Farm is a small horse farm and kennel just east of the Metropolitan Charlotte, North
Carolina area. We breed Jack Russell Terriers from selected American and imported bloodlines that have correct conformation, hunting ability and wonderful temperaments. All of our breeding stock is BAER tested normal, CERF'd annually, and are PLL tested. Our terriers compete in all aspects at terrier trials around the country.

RUNAWAY FARM WINGS, 12", Smooth, PLL Normal

Also At Stud:
RUN AWAY FARM BILLY RAY, 12", Tricolor, Broken
(Run Away Farm BeBop
x Run Away Farm Miley) pLL Normal
13", Black/White, Broken
(Hart Farms Chuck-A-Roo x Run Away Farm Marret) PLL Normal
EARTHGATE TYKE, 12", Tricolor, Broken
(Littlefields Gunner x Laurel Gate Scandal) PLL Normal
SAND COUNTRY YOSHI, 12", Tricolor, Broken
(Anglo Terra Filson x Sand County Snap) PLL Carrier

We strongly adhere to the JRTCA Breeders Code of Ethics and fully educate the prospective owner to make sure that the Jack Russell is truly that type of dog that they want. We love to introduce new people to the breed and give demonstrations in racing and go-to-ground. Visitors are welcome to come to the farm to play.

Martha Milligan
4000 Wesley Chapel Road Matthews, NC 28104
(704) 289-8702 (H)/(704) 221-0416 (C) Email:

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