Code of Ethics
River Bottom

Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Jack Russells are an integral part of our life at River Bottom. Our goal is to breed a structurally correct terrier with a temperament for the home or a day in the field. A happy terrier living with a happy owner is of paramount importance to us. All breeding stock have been BAER, PLL and SCA tested as well as annually CERF tested.

River bottom PUPPIES
(Leap'N Jack Bizmark x River Bottom Spirit)

At Stud:
LEAP'N JACK BIZMARK,12", Tricolor, Rough
(Chatt-Town Baker x Leap'N Jack Jenni)

SANDBURS THORN, 13", Tricolor, Rough
(Conquest Rival x Glenledi Piper)

JUST DREAM PARTY HARDY,13", Tricolor, Rough
(DayDream Bravo x House O'Jacks Dream Catcher)

Our Girls:
BONA-VENTURE MERRITT, 13", Tricolor, Rough
(Conquest Rider x Fox Island Bridgett) (Co-owned with Janel Vincent)

12", Tricolor, Rough
(Sandburs Thorn x River Bottom Annalise)

BONA-VENTURE DELANEY, 13", Tricolor, Rough
(Conquest Glory x Sandburs Thorn)


Sherry Cagle
673 Mt. Morriah Road Arkadelphia, AR 71923
(870) 245-2352 Email:

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