Code of Ethics
River Bottom

Arkadelphia, Arkansas

Jack Russells are an integral part of our life at River Bottom. Our goal is to breed a structurally correct terrier with a temperament for the home or a day in the field. A happy terrier living with a happy owner is of paramount importance to us. All breeding stock have been BAER, PLL and SCA tested as well as annually CERF tested.

River bottom Kizmet, 12", Tricolor, Rough
(River Bottom Famous Amos
x Bona-Venture Merritt)

At Stud:
LEAP'N JACK BIZMARK,12", Tricolor, Rough
(Chatt-Town Baker x Leap'N Jack Jenni)

SANDBURS THORN, 13", Tricolor, Rough
(Conquest Rival x Glenledi Piper)

JUST DREAM PARTY HARDY,13", Tricolor, Rough
(DayDream Bravo x House O'Jacks Dream Catcher)

Our Girls:
BONA-VENTURE MERRITT, 13", Tricolor, Rough
(Conquest Rider x Fox Island Bridgett) (Co-owned with Janel Vincent)

13", Tricolor, Rough
(Leap'N Jack Bizmark x Rancho Fiasco Finesse)

RIVER BOTTOM ELVIRA, 12", Tricolor, Rough
(Sandburs Thorn x River Bottom Annalise)

Sherry Cagle
673 Mt. Morriah Road Arkadelphia, AR 71923
(870) 245-2352 Email:

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