Code of Ethics

Millstone Township, New Jersey

We strive to produce sound dogs with excellent temperaments. Our pups have the drive and size to work in the field as well as do agility, GTG or obedience. All dogs BAER & CERF tested.

Mousemoor geronimo
Geronimo has the best disposition I have ever seen in a stud dog.
He has tons of drive. He is confident and friendly with all dogs as
well as people. It is hard to beat this dog's temperament.

At Stud:
Mousemoor cassanova, 12", tricolor, Rough
(Edgewater Snitch [NHC] x Rebel Run Poppy)
"Caz" comes from a great combination of performance, working, and conformation lines. Great harsh coat and outstanding Temperament.

DM, BAER, PLL & SCA normal - CERF clear in 2018.

MOUSEMOOR GERONIMO, 12", Tricolor, Broken.
(Mousemoor Mick x Carriagehouse IzzieBee) Bronze
DM, SCA, PLL, BAER & CERF normal.

Our Bitches:
CARRIAGEHOUSE IZZieBEE, 12", Tricolor, Rough. NHC. PLL normal.
(Edgewater Snitch x Carriage House Ivy
) Bronze

MOUSEMOOR CONTESSA, 11", Tricolor, Rough. PLL normal.
(Edgewater Snitch x Rebel Run Poppy) NHC

MOUSEMOOR POCO, 11", Broken.
(Mousemoor Geronimo x Mousemoor Contessa)

All adults CERF clear 2018.

Natalene Lamming
290 Sweetmans Lane Millstone Township, NJ 08535
(732) 446-6498 Email:

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