Code of Ethics
May Day

Dunnsville, Virginia

At May Day kennels we have been blessed with some terrific terriers that have proven themselves in Racing, GTG, Super Earth, the Conformation Ring and the Hunt field. But we know that the best terrier out there is the one that climbs into your lap at the end of the day.

May Mae's First Litter

Our Boys:
MAY DAY HITCH, 14", Tricolor, Smooth. PLL/SCA Clear.
2011, 2012, 2013, 2014 JRTCA Challenge Award Winner - Racing
His pups continue to win on the track and in GTG!
MAY DAY TUX, 14", Tricolor, Broken. PLL Clear. 
MAY DAY OKEY DOKEY, 14", Tricolor, Broken
NHC - Groundhog. 2014 JRTCA National Super Earth Champion

Our Girls
HART FARMS MAY MAE, 12", Tricolor, Broken. PLL & SCA Clear.
Multiple conformation, GTG wins. NHC - Groundhog
2015 JRTCA National Super Earth Champion
MAY DAY TINKA TOY, 12", Tricolor. PLL & SCA Clear
MAY DAY KATIEBAR D'DOOR, 14", Tan/White, Smooth. PLL & SCA Clear.
2015 JRTCA National Puppy Racing Champion

Wayne & Nita May
188 Warwick Road Dunnsville, VA 22454
(804) 641-0279 Email:

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