Code of Ethics
Fiery Fox

Vale, North Carolina

We are located in western Lincoln County, North Carolina not far from Hickory, Gastonia, Morgantown, Shelby and Charlotte. We strive to breed terriers on the emphasis of temperament, structure, working instincts and genetic soundness. Terriers in our breeding program are CERF tested annually, BAER, PLL, SCA and DM tested. Puppies are raised in our home with our son and are well socialized before going to their new homes.

PEBBLECREEK MERIDA, 12", Tricolor, Rough
(Sow's Ear Grumpy George x Sow's Ear Fearless)
Multiple championships in Conformation & GTG

Our Boy:
FIERY FOX COALMAN, 13", Tricolor, Broken
(Littlefields Milkman x Winslow Farms Poker Alice)
Multiple championships in Conformation

Our Girls:
FIERY FOX MILKY WAY, 12", Tricolor, Broken
(Littlefields Milkman x Winslow Farms Poker Alice)


Amy & Graham Humphrey
7259 West Highway 27 Vale, NC 28168
(704) 962-2815 Email:

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