Code of Ethics

Jasper, Georgia

Here at DigEmOut, we strive to raise genetically and temperamentally sound, conformationally correct working terriers. We want our terriers to be your next family member and hunting buddy. We work hard to preserve and protect the working terrier by making sure all of our terriers are BAER, CERF, and DNA tested with all results available for anyone to see in the JRT health registry. All of our terriers get out hunting at every opportunity.

DIGEMOUT TWEED, 13", Tricolor, Broken
(Inseguire Scandal x Quinn's Gusty)
2015 National Puppy Conformation Champion
Multiple Puppy, Open and Working Bests and Championships

Our Boy:
INSEGUIRE SCANDAL, 12", Tricolor, Broken
(Woofgang Stash x Inseguire Keepsake) NHC
Multiple Open and Working Championships
(Co-owned with Jillian Scharfstein)

Our Girls:
DIGEMOUT RHYS, 12", Tricolor, Rough
(Ruffwinds Riddock x DigEmOut Fuse)

DIGEMOUT NYX,  12", Black/White, Rough
(Hart Farms Brag x DigEmOut Fuse)

RANCHO FIASCO TALLULAH, 12", Tricolor, Broken
(Inseguire Scandal x Rancho Fiasco Snazzy)
2016 National Puppy Champion
Multiple Puppy and Open Bests and Championships

DIGEMOUT CAYUSE, 12", Tricolor, Broken
(Inseguire Scandal x Quinn's Gusty)


Janon Frei
2351 Bryant Road Jasper, GA 30143
(307) 267-6982 Email:

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