Code of Ethics
Diamond Gates

Boxford, Massachusetts

At Diamond Gates, all our terriers live in our home, are well cared for and very socialized with our four children for over a decade. We are active in the JRTCA trials dedicated to the breed. We strive to produce happy, healthy and loving puppies with award winning personalities, great temperaments, good looking and conformationally correct, whether it's a cherished pet or in the show ring. We are PLL, SCA and DM clear. BAER (hearing) tested and CERF (eyes) tested annually.

(Diggin West Shuffle x Diamond Gates Tanzanite)

At Stud:
DIG IT ROCCO, 13", Tricolor, Smooth
(Shelmar Double Dose x Little Eden Sassafrass)

LITTLE EDEN EXTREME, 12", Tricolor, Rough
(Little Eden Strut x Mountain Legends Diva)

SAWMILL CREEK JAG, 13", Tricolor, Broken
(Dig It Quick x Conquest Jada)

Our Girls:
DIG IT CLEOPATRA, 12", Tricolor , Smooth
(Shelmar Double Dose x Little Eden Sassafras)

DIAMOND GATES DISCO, 12", Tricolor, Broken
 (Little Eden Extreme x Diamond Gates Vanna)

DIAMOND GATES DYNAMICS, 12, Tricolor, Broken)
(Little Eden Extreme x Dig It Cleopatra)

(Canis Major Rock Star x Diamond Gates Dynamics)

DIAMOND GATES VICTORIA, 12", Tricolor, Rough
(Dig It Rocco x Diamond Gates Vanna)

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Lisa & Ernest Cioto
256 Washington Street Boxford, MA 01921
(978) 352-4724 Email:

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