Code of Ethics

Franklinville, New York

Conquest extends heartfelt thanks and appreciation to those owners whose outstanding care and affection for their special friends have created the reputation Conquest enjoys today.

Cooling off in the pond on a hot day

Our Boys:
conquest rival, 12"
(Fox Run Rivet x Conquest Rival)
Rival, a son of Fox Run rivet, is a "chip off the old block" - wonderful
personality, substance, movement. Rival is breeding true to
type, overall siring smaller classy pups with beautiful structure
JRTCA Nationals 2015 - Reserve Best Family

conquest rider, 13"
(Little Eden Strut x Conquest Jada)
Rider's superior build and upbeat character shine through, so be sure to
keep a close eye on this outstanding, charismatic "Strut" son.
His offpring have won at Nationals.
JRTCA Nationals 2014 - Best Family

conasauga engage, 13"
(Raus Hill Beau x Conasauga Gem)
Gage is a tremendously eye catching young terrier with a friendly,
enthusiastic personality. The product of a line breeding back to
Fox Island Grit, we are excited to utilize his valued bloodlines in 2016.

Our Girls:
We are delighted to include in our breeding program quality bitches having earned Working Certificates in addition to National Conformation Champion credentials.

All breeding stock Eyes Certified Clear (annually),
BAER tested normal, in addition to having been DNA
screened normal for PLL & SCA.

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N. Gaye Redpath-Schaeper
Franklinville, NY
(716) 676-3707 Email:

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