Code of Ethics

Valley View, Texas

Bona-Venture terriers is a small family of Jack Russells located about 45 minutes north of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. We breed a few carefully planned litters a year focusing on temperament, health, correct structure and movement as well as working instincts. Our terriers are raised in our home as members of the family. We have been actively involved in the JRTCA since 2001.

Introducing: Bona-Venture Bambi, 12", Harsh Lightly Broken
(Conquest Bramble x Conquest Bristol)
(Co-owned with Jodi Holley.)

Our Boys:
White gate Remington "Remi", 12", 9 years old
(Lilliput Ruse x Fox Island Bridgett) NHC
"Remi" has a strong working instinct and wonderful personality. We are so pleased to have him as one of our foundation sires and consider him a true asset to our breeding program.

CONQUEST BRAMBLE, 13", 4 YEARS OLD, Harsh Lightly Broken
(cHATT-tOWN bAKER x Conquest Holly) NHC
Bramble has proven himself to be a valuable sire, we are
very proud of his offspring.
(Co-owned with Jodi Holley.)

BONA-VENTURE BISCOTTI "bISCUIT", 12", rough, 1 year old
Biscuit is a one of a kind terrier who always keeps us smiling with his upbeat personality and handsome good looks. We are very excited
 to see what the
future holds for Biscuit.

Our Girls:
The ladies are truly the focus of our breeding program; we are very pleased with their achievements in the field, show ring and most importantly in their offspring.

Please feel free to contact us for more information about the girls of Bona-Venture.

*Breeding stock CERF tested annually, BAER test normal
 as well as tested for PLL and SCA.

*For more information regarding our terriers, please call or email;
we also have a Facebook page with lots of pictures and history.

Bret & Janel Vincent
1369 Bloomfield Road Valley View, TX 76272
(972) 754-7008 Email:

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